Munstead Report

Its a great feeling when you load the lorry and only have to go 5miles up the road to your very local BE event! Overall a great day out with Drumnaconnell Nico (Rio) , Sandy Park (Costa) and Clear Contender (Minnie) . It was great for Rio to have a lovely double clear before he steps up a level at Portman as he found his second outing a breeze. I couldn’t be more delighted also with Sandy Park doing his first BE100 (second event ever) doing a respectable test, show jumped clear not thinking about touching a pole and a very confident cross country other than pilot error at fence 2! Minnie also having her first BE outing of the year has very much improved over the winter on the dressage front , jumped a very enthusiastic clear round also and was very pleased to be back out on the cross country course! Great to have everyone there watching with the sun finally out!

Sandy Park Pictured MX3_1905{E- BE100 Sun Section K 501-550_-_504 SANDY PARK Swain, Hollie (NZL)