Portman & South of England Report

Great days out last week with Portman on Tuesday with Jenny Andersson‘s support and camera skills and then South of England on Saturday. Annabel Swain‘s Drumnaconnell Nico becoming Mr Consistent having 2 double clears and finshing 7th at both events in the 100. Sandy Park stormed around the cross country taking everything in his stride for his third ever event. Michael Marley-ward and Sally Marley-Ward‘s Scarrlett Tamarind (Pictured) was extremely patient and very rideable in all three phases with the jockey having slight navigational issues. Very excited for her to be doing her first one star in two weeks. Thank you very much to Tara Jefferies who also rode very well in all three phases and Katie Oborne for their hard work having all the horses look great!
Also The Crumby Bakery baking went down treat with every one! Thank you Molly Field!