Tweseldown Report

It was an exciting day at Tweseldown on Saturday with Jenny Andersson‘s Monbeg Sublime doing her very first BE event. She did a lovely test for 25.5 and jumped a super double clear to finish 3rd if I wasn’t HC. I couldn’t have been happier with her! Saturday we had Annabel Swain‘s Drumnaconnell Nico proving again to be Mr Consistency jumping yet again another double clear with a 28.3 dr to finish 7th. Monday was Sally Marley-Ward and Michael Marley-ward‘s Scarlett Tamarin’s turn who felt fantastic doing a 31dr, the very last unlucky pole down SJ. Unfortunately xc saw us have a slight but costly miscommunication moment jumping out of the second water where I came unseated . We live to fight another day and all three horses will be back out again for Borde Hill this weekend which we are looking forward to.Thank you to Zoe Caldicott and Tara Jefferies for your hard-work and turnout skills , they looked Fab!