Bicton Report

On Friday (19th April) Michael and Sally Marley-Ward‘s Scarlet Tamarind had a great run for her first Intermediate of the season with a lovely clear cross country with 1 pole SJ. Drumnaconnell Nico also having his first intermediate of the season saw him do a lovely dressage test to be third in strong field and then followed by a fantastic clear show jumping round. Unfornatley with the long hold and delay on the cross country his mind was else where so will be firing on all cylinders next time out!

Brook Key West stepped up to do her first Novice. She was a little protestant in the dressage being a just a bit too sassy! However she very much redeemed herself in the show jumping in which she produced such a lovely easy clear round. It was very unfortunate that on the cross country she had a step back off the back otherwise a fantastic cross country round.