Tweseldown 18th-20th May Report

Just about the whole team has managed to get out this weekend all having had a great few days down the road at HaygainTweseldown . Saturday saw John & Jan Bodenham‘s Unicorn 🦄 and Emily Bodenham‘s Mermaid🧜‍♀️ contest their first BE in the 90 both jumping a double clear taking it all in their stride with a top10.
On Sunday Tara had a great outing in the 100 on her horse Good Boy Alex .
We were then back on the Monday with Hope and Faith to jump double clear in her second novice to finish in the top10 and then off a great long weekend was Nicky Gregory‘s and my own Drumnaconnell Nico finishing 2nd in the Intermediate in good company! I could not have been happier with his performance . Thank you Mary for the top turnout! Great team effort all-round!!

Hope and Faith Double Clear Novice top10.
Drumnaconnell Nico 2nd in the Intermediate