And 2021 is finally underway!!

We felt extremely lucky to have been to our first training event under Covid regulations run by the wonderful team at Aston le Walls putting on an Elite Pathway Training event. We had John and Jan Bodenham’s Solo and Faruq Aldrup along with Nicky Gregory’s and my own Drumnaconnell Nico in the Intermediate. We also have a new horse that has joined the team, Kiltown Sherlock owned by David and Jill Webster who we had in the Novice. It was a very well thought out day with the two show jumping courses side by side so we could pick and choose what lines and fences we wanted to jump. This was done in my XC gear and then Jade changed the horses boots and we were straight and canter around the XC. Again this was two courses side by side and we could jump what we liked! We all enjoyed the day with all the horses extremely happy being out! It was fair to say it was a quiet journey on the way home! Looking forward to having Solo, Faruq and Nico out at Oasby for the first affiliated event of the year running in the Intermediate class.