Ownership & Syndication

Become an owner

Part of the allure is the excitement of being directly involved with owning a horse and sharing in its journey to achievement and success. Hollie understands and is realistic about the amount of time needed to develop successful horses as well as the time and energy to contribute back to those who are supporting her.

Hollie invites prospectives owners who would like to experience the excitement of this equestrian eventing journey with her in selecting, buying, training and competing a team of eventers in the UK.

Hollie offers two options:

1. Sole ownership
This is the most common form of ownership.  For those who want to take total financial responsibility for a horse, both costs and rewards, this is a great ownership experience. You will have close involvement in decisions regarding the horse and its competition plans; if the horse is unnamed, you choose the name; it is your name that appears in the Programme and is announced when the horse competes.

If this is of interest to you please contact Hollie

2. Syndication 
A huge amount of enjoyment can be had through being involved through a syndicate. This is a very popular way for people to get involved in owning an Event Horse and it’s easy to see why. The most obvious attractions are that you will be responsible for only part of the costs, you share in the rewards and experience all the fun, excitement and success that goes with the ownership, and you will also meet like-minded Eventing enthusiasts.

If this may be of interest please contact Hollie