With experience in selling and promoting products and with a positive and friendly nature, Hollie has the ability to add value to brands, products or people who choose to get involved with her in the sport of Eventing. Hollie would like to thank her current sponsors, these include the following:



Childeric Saddles

Childéric range of jumping and dressage saddles and accessories is designed for every rider – from those who ride for pleasure to aspiring and top competitors.

There is a Childéric saddle for every type of horse. Their unique design maximises freedom of movement, scope and comfort. By helping you ride in balance, your Childéric saddle helps you and your horse forge a confident, effective and winning partnership.


logo Kep_grigio 80

KEP Italia

Kep italia is an italian company that designs and produces superior equestrian helmets. Established in 2007 as a result of the passion of its founder, it was initially dedicated to the specific production of equestrian hats. Later the company also began producing a top range line of accessories. These were designed to combine style with useful tools for protecting horse riders with maximum technology and elegance, making sure they feel even safer when expressing their talent. Enthusiasm, innovation, commitment, respect for others and the environment are their defining values. The KEP Italia way of life.




Spillers Horse Feed

SPILLERS® created the original compound horse feed in the UK in the 1950’s. Since that time SPILLERS® have led the way in innovative nutritional products. From some of the world’s best known horses, to the family pony, SPILLERS® horse feeds have been the choice of generations. SPILLERS® are passionate in their desire to benefit the lives of horses and ponies of all types, through the very best products that equine nutrition can offer. Their research has led to the development of products which make a real difference. From competition performance to leisure enjoyment, SPILLERS® has become synonymous with proven feed formulations and expertise, providing the best in equine health.




Supreme Products

The leaders in equine preparation products and garments, helping you achieve perfection when it really matters. They offer a complete range of show and arena preparation products in the Supreme Products Professional Collection – the Choice of Champions.



Pulse Solutions

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is the most advanced and effective treatment of soft tissue injuries, arthritis, fractures and degenerative diseases.

Pulse Solutions would like to help you discover the natural healing of PEMF. We can demonstrate a range of Effective, Safe and Affordable services to provide:

  • Pain Relief
  • Accelerated Healing
  • Conditioning and Strengthening
  • Improved Mobility
  • Reduced Inflammation

Leading innovators and manufacturers for over 20 years, Respond Systems Bio-Pulse® Equipment provides pain relief and accelerates the healing process. Specially designed blankets and equipment utilize a battery powered computer to pulse low voltage current through bone and tissue. Cellular changes are produced by these pulsing magnetic fields which assist healing.


VIP logo

The Very Important Pad –The VIP Saddle Pad  

Key points

  • The VIP is a superior impact and pressure relieving pad for horses
  • Made from Akton® visco elastic polymer gel
  • This raw material has had 45 years of human grade research
  • Relieves impact, pressure, sheer forces and friction
  • Seamless and slim line design does not alter saddle fit
  • Akton® is flexible yet has a high tensile strength to maintain its shape
  • Does not leak, flow, absorb sweat, bottom out or spread under pressure
  • Hypoallergenic and easy to clean
  • Products with a high technical specification and a scientific basis is what today’s consumers demand:so we bring you a truly unique product – The Very Important PadVIP blue

More info can be found at http://www.facebook.com/veryimportantpad/?ref=bookmarks


House of Montar

At House of Montar we live and breathe for creating smart and functional equipment for quality-conscious riders.

There is no compromising in price or quality, and we constantly renew our design. Our goods are manufactured according to the strictest quality requirements, and they are sold in speciality stores all over Europe and England.